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Like a soul without a mind....

...in a body without a heart.

Social capital

  • less than 10
25 [as of 2013]. Science geek. Book Fanatic. Professional recluse.

But who cares?

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24-hour establishments, 25 cent machines, 90s rnb, abandoned places, alice walker, anac numbers, anything beach/marine related, atp, bacon and eggs, barn's burned down, beauty in the mundane, bell atlantic, bellydancing, biomedical science, biomimicry, books! not nooks!, bowling, bubblegoth, bunnies in santa hats, catharsis, catscatscatscats, clinical chemistry, cnidarians, communication quotient, cooking, crepuscular life, crevice, distance learning, dunning-kruger effect, ed gein, extrapolation, fear and loathing, food fights, food poison journal, found object jewelry, free coffee, free food, fuligo septica, ghost in the shell, go-go, hayao miyazaki, horrible hypothetical situations, hunter s. thompson, international and domestic travel, internet stalking, intersectional feminism, jane barbe, keni styles, kimchi ramen, knitting, laboratory medicine, lapsed catholicism, ledo's, living fossils, living single, low-budget commercials, lush, m.c. escher, mahjong, massive attack, medical lab technology, microbiology, misanthropy, monogamy, multilingualism, n11 codes, nonverbal communication, not answering the phone, numbers stations, oglaf, olney's lesions, otters, outsider art, overgrown gardens, pat fleet, patricia cornwell, personal and emotional freedom, petrichor, phlebotomy, pluviophilia, popeye's, portishead, quoting barton fink, rare essence, roadkill town, robert williams, rocko's modern life, running amok, salton sea, schadenfreude, schizophrenia, self-actualization, self-defense, sewing, short wave, siphonophores, social skills(or lack thereof), spontaneous roadtrips, tacky charm bracelets, talib kweli, teeny weeny kitty feet, teratology, thalassophobia, the runaway's diary, the symbiote, thrash metal, thrift stores, toni morrison, vaporwave, vertical service codes, vhs format, victoria's secret, voice acting, waking up to rain, wale, washington dc, wtmw, wwii, العَرَبِيَّة‎

Social capital

  • less than 10